Decolonizing Architecture 2023-24 – Al Masha Rural Commons II  (Continuation Course)

Decolonizing Architecture: Rural Commons II will unfold over the academic year through a series of on-site interventions, building upon prior years’ research and investigations. A select group of five students will have the unique opportunity to undertake individual and collaborative interventions in locations spanning Sweden, Italy, and Palestine (subject to prevailing conditions). The program will commence with an intensive week at a summer house situated in Stavsnäs, approximately one hour from Stockholm. In this occasion students will be asked to explore possibility of commoning the private of a typical Swedish summer house. Over the course of the year, this small cohort of practice-oriented researchers will continue to advance previous interventions, including those in Sicily, focusing on activaction of the entity of decolonization in Sicily, and in Diso, Puglia, involving the implementation of agroforestry initiatives and the establishment of a communal kitchen. Interludes between physical interventions at these sites will be punctuated by collective readings, seminars, online tutorials, and editing sessions, serving to weave together the immersive teaching blocks conducted on-site. Furthermore, participants will continue in their individual site-based endeavors, fostering collaborative engagements.

Decolonizing Architecture 2024-25 next round of applications Spring 2024!