Alice Pontiggia is an architect, researcher and musician from Valtellina, Italy. Her current project explores the mesology of prehistorical communities in lower Valtellina. Previously, she has worked on the evolution of traditional dwelling in Shanghai, and on the ecology of Becerra river in Mexico City, among others. She presents her research through writing, architecture, film, sound and workshops. She has worked as an architect, collaboratively and independently, in Mexico and Italy, where she currently practices as a freelancer. She holds an M.Arch. from Politecnico di Milano and Tongji University, and a bachelor in Environmental Architecture.


Re-acting humanity as a way out of modernity

Publication of the essay TO RECOSMIZE: Re-acting humanity as a way out of modernity, an updated version of the project’s concept text, in diSONARE 09, the annual publication of diSONARE, Mexico City’s experimental publishing platform.


A 10-minute video-essay around the terms cosmos + decosmization + recosmization, commissioned by Affect and Colonialism Web Lab, a think tank focused on the affective dynamics of colonialism, administered by the Collaborative Research Center “Affective Societies” at Freie Universität Berlin.
The fundamental meaning of the Greek term kosmos is that of order. These omnipresent orders manifest themselves in perceivable realities, but modern amnesia made us lose the interpretation keys. Can the practice of recosmization reopen these portals?