{ Amnesia Collective }


As the Amnesia Collective, we are aiming to balance between theory and practice, by first, inviting guest speakers to situate the current situation of rising fascism and possible ways of resisting it politically and artistically, and put them in dialogue with the community in Carlentini; second, to host a workshop where we collectively gather our own memories from Borgo Rizza, and begin the work of compiling the photos, videos, and texts into a website/online archive where the memories can be visualized and be used as a starting point to organize and plan possible activities for the summer, with the participation of both scholars and locals; third to invite two speakers to have a discussion about their work with memory and preservation thereof, in their experience and in the context of the Chilean fascist dictatorship. We will try to find out what strategies they are applying, how they see their situation in work with the community, and how they relate to memory. The dialogue and exchange aim to enrich both communities and create an interesting dialogue between the two; fourth, to host a collage workshop of collective imagining reuse of Borgo Rizza led by Laure, with practical action for the summer 2022 to be planned.

Invited speakers:

Garage (Sicily, IT), Badia Lost and Found Carlentini (Sicily, IT), Decolonize this Place (New York, US), Comi Barón (Valparaiso, CL), Colonial Neighbour/SAVVY Contemporary (Berlin, DE)


Peter Nylund, Laura FiorioLaure Catugier