{ artist-in-residence }


Artist-in-residence is referring to when someone is working in a creative area through a residency program usually in another city or country for a limited period of time. Residential programs are initiated to increase the exchange of knowledge, create collaborations and develop new ideas and products, but also to provide scope for reflection, new influences, broaden contact areas, and explore their own creation in a new context.

This initiative has the ambition to shed light on artistic practices that already exists. To get in contact with them creates a line of narratives that can be referred to. It gives the opportunity to build onto narratives in a creative, experimental and challenging way. To decrease the gap between “there” and “here” by creating a space that is common, creates a knowledge production that is based on a common situated knowledge.
For us it is also important to have local artists in the program for longevity and for it to be an exchange. A residency can reaffirm artist and creators, it can give them an opportunity to focus on a project and/or develop them.


Senait Tesfai, Makda Embaie