{ concretization }


To concretize is to make something concrete, specific or definite. Concretization is the process of concretizing a general principle or idea by delineating, particularizing or exemplifying it. Does concretization produce separation, removing the possibility of relating?
Concrete, as a material, is solidified as a concretization of capitalism. Concrete makes concrete the abstract mechanisms of capitalism to produce our modernist colonial reality, while simultaneously causing irreparable harm to the earth through both its construction and its demolition. Concrete is a universal material that acts as the scenography of modernity; it could be read as a synonym for modernism. Concretization describes the modernist need for separation and specificity; a need that, through the use of concrete, produces hierarchical dichotomies and removes us from the possibility of relating to the earth physically.


Herman Hjorth Berge, Emma Dominguez, Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Hannah Wiker Wikström