{ de-colonia }


As a response to the current state of abandonment of the City of Colonies, the project investigates the possibilities of re-signification of fascist architecture through the temporary occupation of its spaces with site-specific interventions and community gatherings. An initial reflection is made on the way we have been collectively educated about fascism and its history through dissonant and distorted narrations; in the form of family stories, history lessons at school, different textbooks and contradictory ideologies transmitted by the media. In Italy in particular, the general education on fascism seems to be lacking a critical approach to the physical (architecture) and ideological (social, political) remnants of this time.
Re-inhabiting the fascist architecture of the Colonie Marine is done by articulating a resistance inside the space in the attempt to alter its original connotation – one that the architecture is still vigorously trying to promote. From a site of social control, where children were educated to become soldiers to fight for fascist wars or to be mere procreator of progeny for the Italian nation, a temporary community comes together to deconstruct these ideals. A strong focus is put on the experience of younger generations, and their drive to deconstruct fascist ideals of love, sexuality, gender binarism and bodily discipline; coming together as a community in these spaces entails a collective reflection on how these ideas and narrations are still impacting our lives and our shared experiences. Through activities centered around politics of pleasure and leisure as an act of care for the others, the Colonie Marine can turn into a temporary safer space for debates and negotiations around social movements and struggles, cis-heteropatriarchy, racial capitalism, and the colonial present.


Sveva Crisafulli