Hannah Clarkson is a British artist based in Sweden, with a BFA in Fine Art from the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and an MFA in Fine Art Craft from Konstfack, Stockholm. She has worked and exhibited internationally, including on a variety of site-specific projects relating to particular stories and/or places. She works with both sculpture and spoken word performance, with an interest in narrativity and materiality as they relate to ideas of shelter. She is currently working on a practice-based research project investigating the synonym as a means to understand human needs.


Winners of ‘The Thinking Hand’, an annual drawing competition hosted by The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

“Drawing is an explosion in an empty space, a scar on the surface of the material. Paper isn’t the only surface for my drawings – it can also be the body which is cut into chaotic grids and lines. These lines transform what is intended to be a protective skin into a site of scarring and embellishment. I combine sketches I made in hospital with old anatomical drawings to convey the discomfitting beauty of the sick body. There is a violent paradox in this use of the body as a material, whereby protection meets attack, and the artist’s drawing board and surgeon’s table are combined.” – Hannah Clarkson

See the drawings at the link below: