Husam Abusalem is technically an architect, temporarily based in Stockholm. He has a Bachelor in Architectural Engineering from Birzeit University in Palestine, specialising in urban design. In Malta, he received an MA in Cultural Heritage Management and is currently attending the postgraduate course in Decolonising Architecture at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art, which made this print. His primary research is about the concept of heritage, heritagisation, weaponising heritage, abolitionist heritage, refugee heritage … anything ending with heritage.


Publication of “The Anti-Atlas of Colonial-Fascist Architecture in 1940 Sicily”
The book presents an artistic research project comprised of a collection of architectural interpretations and photographs, revealing merely a small fraction of the fascist structures scattered across Sicily. The core objective of this Anti-Atlas is to disrupt the normalized presence of these structures, redirecting attention towards the ideology and propaganda they embody and their contribution to the expansive colonial project. By acknowledging the true nature of these structures and their multifaceted role in colonial history, we begin to understand the intricate historical and social context that defines our surroundings.

Author: Husam Abusalem
Supervision: Alessandro Petti
Photographic Documentation: Luca Capuano
Architectural Visualisation: Husam Abusalem
Graphic Design: Stefan Fuchs
Published by: Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies (DAAS) and Architecture Art Research Gallery (AARG!)
Printing: TRT – Tallinn Book Printers