Marco Cechet is a post-conceptual artist currently based between Amsterdam and Stockholm.
His work takes critical stances and plays with the idea of the mortality of an artwork confronted with the power of a transitory appearance. Previously, he has participated at “Manifesta 11” (2016) and “Smuggling Anthologies” (2013-2015).


Contributed on the Zine ‘Taking Space, Making Place’ published by Royal Institute of Art. ‘Taking Space, Making Place’ wants to show the diversity in maps, mapping and mapping processes. Based on the reading ‘This is not an atlas’ (transcript Verlag, 2018) the zine brings critical mapping and counter-mapping practices that are crucial to challenge the very problematic history of atlases and colonialism.

The murder of Francesco Lorusso consists of a map that depicts the University district of Bologna, authentic report photos of the time and a text that describes the circumstances that led to the murder of Francesco Lorusso — a Lotta Continua militant and medicine student— during the morning of 11 March 1977.
The map shows how the event occurred within the urban environment, the text sums up the historical sources and the trial’s transcription.