Matilda Tucker (b. 1995, Germany-USA) is a writer, artist, and researcher based in Stockholm and Berlin. She is interested in human rights; spaces of conflict and divided cities; language; and the relationship between art and politics. She recently completed an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies in Jerusalem, where she wrote a thesis about loss, exile, and the political and performative aspects of mourning and burial in contemporary Arab theatrical adaptations of ancient Greek Classics. She is currently working on several projects, including research on encounters between Palestinian refugees and Jewish Kurdish migrants from Iraq in the village of Lifta, on the margins of West Jerusalem.


Contributed on the Zine ‘Taking Space, Making Place’ published by Royal Institute of Art. ‘Taking Space, Making Place’ wants to show the diversity in maps, mapping and mapping processes. Based on the reading ‘This is not an atlas’ (transcript Verlag, 2018) the zine brings critical mapping and counter-mapping practices that are crucial to challenge the very problematic history of atlases and colonialism.