She is a Dutch-Italian interdisciplinary researcher currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Her condition of ‘inbetweenness’ predisposes her positioning as an outside-insider, a standpoint she utilizes for bridging the modern with the demodern. Her work is situated at the intersection of architecture, landscape, art, and anthropology, disciplines she critically unbuilds by uncovering the colonial entanglements and the ramifications of Modernity. She has recently founded Studio Ditch, an artistic research practice focused on bridging environmental degradation to colonial legacies through the traces left by material flows, organic matter, and beyond-human indices. After graduating in Architecture at the TU Eindhoven in 2016, she is currently enrolled in two postgraduates programs: the second year of DAAS at the Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm, and Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies at the KU in Leuven. Her works have been exhibited by Archiprix NL, the Dutch Design Week and SEARTgroup.


‘Permeance. A demodern artistic process for more-than-human collaborative practices in Participatory Design.’, in CoDesign journal
Academic publication in CoDesign journal. Discussing the ‘Permeance’ case study’s artistic research as methodology for participatory design with more-than-human collaborators.

Permeance in Robida 
Permeance essay was published on ‘Soil’, nr 9 magazine issue curated by the Robida collective. The text discusses contamination and misusing the scientific methodology of chromatography as an artistic research process into extractive industries and polluted landscapes.

AHRA Conference
As a doctoral researcher I participated in the first international conference as with a paper presentation entitled ‘Tipping points: shape-shifting naturecultures and terres-ils in the Campine coal basin.’, proposing alternate ways of seeing, relating and representing the landscapes we shape to reweave relationality among earthly inhabitants. At the same conference, together with  doctoral researcher Josymar Rodriguez we pitched an explorative presentation entitled ‘Gut Feelings. Pedagogies for Embodied Knowledge.’, in which we address the question ‘how can we propose body-centered (self-)pedagogical methods to forefront socio-ecological relations, stimulate acting, and enable inhabiting among compromised worlds?’

Fluid Ecologies at HfG Karlsruhe
Together with designer Giulia Pompilj, we mentored and hosted a water lab entitled ‘Fluid Ecologies’ during the Future of Life Summer School ‘Elementals’ at the Bio Design Lab of HfG Karlsruhe. During the summer school we shared our practices around chromatography and natural dyes and guided the students to develop their own artistic research investigating the Rhine river.

The Osmotic Exposure of Wastescapes
In collaboration with designer Giulia Pompilj, we exhibited chromatographic mapping of the polluted river Dommel in a collective exhibition entitled ‘What on Earth’ held at TAC (Temporary Art Center Eindhoven). During the performative activation of the chromatography on textile map we set into motion an ephemeral, ever-changing, photographic exposure of polluted vegetal chemistries of the river.

Doctoral research, ‘Geologic Architecture and its Extraction Landscapes’
PhD candidate at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts, UHasselt, research track Sustainability and Spatial Capacity Building. Read a short abstract of the ongoing research, discussing the case of historical coal mining in the Campine of Belgium through a geological turn, relations between the surface and sub-surface, the disappearance of the commons, the tension between extractive mapping and unknowability.

Permeance , DDW 2022
‘Permeance: Modern Membranes Rip, Decay, Rot’ was exhibited a second time during Dutch Design Week 2022 at Sectie-C in Eindhoven (NL). The installation of Permeance included a video essay, a narration permeated among distorted chroma visuals and eerie industrial soundscapes, done in collaboration with sound artist Tine Theré.

Nourishing Conversations
Inhabiting and exhibiting we, DAAS students, collectively reclaimed and proposed a different narrative in Borgo Rizza, Sicily. The Borgo was originally constructed in 1940 under fascist rule as part of a urbanization project to dominate, extract and control the rural Sicilian inland. Among the activities proposed by DAAS students, Silvia Susanna, Francesca Gattello and myself, proposed a series of food related workshops and reflection moments led by the concept of overcoming in-digestion. Under the name of Nourishing Conversations, we initiated a situated discourse on land care, collective food growing, cooking, and eating.

dieDAS Fellowship
In September 2022 I was granted the dieDAS Fellowship at the Design Akademie Saaleck (DE), together with fellow artists, designers and researchers Adrian Pepe, Nico Alexandroff and Giulia Pompilj. The program ‘Designing Metabolic Relations’ was curated by artistic director Maurizio Montalti and head mentor Eugenia Morpurgo, and focussed on exploring the transformative nature of metabolic processes. The fellowship concluded with a self-organized exhibition entitled ‘in.unbecoming: doing, undoing, and doing again’.

Re.source, the Sustainable Darkroom
The gathered insights from the artistic practice and research leading to the Permeance project were published as part of a collection of essays, recipes, questions and ideas towards more sustainable photography in ‘re.source’, a book by The Sustainable Darkroom. See here the submitted essay on ‘Permeance. Tracing contaminants through an earthed misuse of chromatography’.

St(r)aying together in Ground
As a concluding exhibition of the second year of DAAS, Silvia Susanna, Alice Pontiggia, Michaela Karlsson, Linnea Fröjd and myself, st(r)ayed together, inhabiting and exhibiting, in Ground, Stockholm (SE). ‘St(r)aying Together’ was a 3 daylong encounter on decolonial and demodern nuanced research projects in relation to architecture within the frame of DAAS. Permeance was presented among the installations, project pitches, gatherings, and conversations.

St(r)ay in Berlin
During a KKH residency in Berlin (DE), Silvia Susanna, Alice Pontiggia, Michaela Karlsson, Linnea Fröjd and myself, inhabited and exhibited together in a format we have been practicing throughout our academic shared time and places, St(r)ay. St(r)aying as a mode of wandering astray, temporarily setting roots, living, eating, thinking, making, sharing, hosting others in domestic spaces opening them to cultural production (guided by Silvia Susanna’s research on Undomesticated Homes).

Permeance, SEART
Permeance was exhibited in the collective exhibition entitled ‘In Motion’ curated by SEART (Sweden’s Emerging Art), in the Superellipsen at Sergels Torg in Stockholm (SE).

Permeance, DDW 2021
‘Permeance: Unearthing River Confessions’, was presented at the Dutch Design Week 2021 in Eindhoven (NL). The project develops the conceptual lens of ‘permeance’ which traces cadmium contamination upstream the river Dommel. Through soil chromatography the artistic research materializes and links the river pollution to extractive industries, zinc mines and histories of colonialism.

DAAS Cineforum
DAAS Cineforum is a research format bridging distances in which we, Silvia Susanna, Alice Pontiggia and myself, host a collective space of conversation and mutual learning triggered by the viewing of a curated audiovisual program. The previous editions have touched ‘The Female Body’, ‘Where is home?’, ‘Unlearning (Architectures)’, ‘Seeding Revolution’, ‘Borgo Rizza 2022’. See the full program and updates of DAAS Cineforum here.

Permeance, Casa Punto Croce
‘Permeance’, was first exhibited st(r)ay at Casa Punto Croce in Venice (IT), in conclusion of the DAAS academic year 2020-2021. Casa Punto Croce is a cultural home project, with a secret location, queer attitude and interdisciplinary approach, created for and by the local population, attracting people from all over. The ‘Permeance’ booklet was presented in this gathering. Eduardo Makoszay Mayén recorded a video of the happenings.