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Like some of the colonial statues that have recently been removed in different cities around the world, why not try to debunk the architecture? Can we imagine an architecture that has broken all ties with location? Could we consider that architecture, in the same way as a human being, could undergo or exert a psychological pressure, which would necessitate its displacement or even its removal? Would the action of moving a building from one place to another allow the desacralization of architecture? If so, how do we de-spatialize, de-architect, de-territorialize this anchored construction?
#architectureVSfunction  #RuinPorn
As an artist, my goal is to divert an architectural structure from its path so that it becomes a place of greater diversity, which opens rather than closes possibilities. Inspired by architect Oskar Hansen’s theory of ‘open form’, architecture should be participatory, with non-hierarchical processes, and should not be fixed once construction is complete. Hansen defines the closed form as ‘monument’. At this point, the architecture is only an empty shell, possibly transmuting into a sculptural object in the urban space, and possibly fetishized. I call this facadism, a need to keep part of the skeleton, in order to give the illusion of its presence and to assert its symbolic value.

After a long period of stand-by since the fall of the fascist regime, the Borgo Rizza needs new narratives. After discussions with local actors (residents, artists, municipal agents), different types of activities such as local food celebrations, cultural festivals, sports events, meetings and competitions of all kinds have been suggested. Inspired by these ideas, I propose to create a promotional campaign announcing fictitious events, deployed as posters in the streets of nearby towns. Undated, they will announce events on site as upcoming or postponed, leaving a doubt as to their feasibility, and echoing at the same time the instability generated by the current pandemic. The various urban legends that may emerge from this action have the purpose of making the Borgo Rizza exist in the imagination, even though it is not yet really in operation.


Laure Catugier